Affordable book trailers

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I will create a professional and stunning book trailer that will convince the readers to read YOUR book. Did you know that using a video on book sales can increase the conversion rates as much as 80%? (Source: The Creative Penn)

For 10$ you get:

  • 1 professionally made e-book trailer.
  • UNLIMITED revisons.
  • 100% copyright safety: I have a huge base of websites with free stock, including free photography, free audio, free video and free sound effects. As long as you add the credit file (written by me) in the description, your book trailer will remain 100% copyright safe forever.
  • UNLIMITED Photo animation: I can turn any photo into a short clip.
  • UNLIMITED Video clips: I will use fitting video clips, and if I can’t find any suitable clips (sometimes it sadly happens), I will animate photos to use them in your trailer.
  • 1 cover animation: Your book cover will show up on the screen in a creative way.
  • 1-2 cinematic music tracks: I will choose 1-2 background tracks to make your trailer as exciting as a real movie trailer.
  • Up to 20 text lines: I will help you write a catchy text for your trailer or I will use the text you’ve written.
  • 60 seconds of professional video material.
  • 1 credit file: you must include it in your description.

Here is a sample trailer that I created:

“Brothers of The Wind” by Thomas Bryer (2019):

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What languages are available?

Any language, as long as you provide the text. If you can’t provide the text, I can create it in English, Italian, Polish or Chinese. Please choose the language BEFORE you order the gig.

Can my trailer be longer than 120 seconds?

120 seconds is the absolute maximum length that I offer in my premium book trailer gig.

Do you work with 3D models?

No, sadly, this is beyond my level of video editing skills. Maybe in the future.

Can you animate my drawings?

Up to an extent, yes. I use pan and zoom to animate photos and can apply a mild camera shake. I can also move several elements on a background to create a motion effect. However, I don’t do live 2D or 3D models animation.

Can I use this video for commercial purposes?

You can use the videos to promote your book on any website online that you wish. You can also show them on presentations. However, videos can’t be sold or be part of products that are for sale.

Why are these trailers so cheap?

Trailers don’t need to cost 150$ each. What truly matters is not the stock but the skill and ability of the video creator. I want to help indie authors out there.

Are you a professional video editor?

I do create professional videos, but, I am a hobbyist. I started learning video editing on my own, 12 years ago. I worked with a variety of programs, including (but not limited to) Wondershare Filmora and Ulead Video Studio 11.

Can you create a trailer for erotica?

Yes, but without showing any genital nudity or strange fetishes. Please ask me about it before placing an order.

Can you create a trailer for a fanfiction?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t contain any copyrighted images (e.g. actor photos).
I have read everything that was on this page. Can I get a discount?
Sure! Get a 7% discount by liking Always Inspired Writing on Facebook or sharing my trailer gig with others on your social media!