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For Young Writers

  1. What to do when nobody believes in your writing dream?
  2. 10 tips for young writers
  3. How to succeed at NaNoWriMo?
  4. 10 tips to maximize chances for finishing your novel
  5. Where does talent come from? Why isn’t it a prerequisite for success?
  6. Bestseller or bestwritten: Why publishers reject decent books?
  7. Coming out of the library: how to tell others you write?
  8. Don’t buy the idea that your book is too weird to be liked
  9. Here is why your literature teacher refuses to help you with creative writing
  10. 13 things you must plan ahead before publishing your first book and officially starting your author career


  1. 25 prompts from a Far East Asian studies graduate (part I)


  1. How to get over haters and believe in your book again?
  2. 20 things to tell yourself after receiving a bad review, to feel better
  3. When constructive criticism becomes destructive: is your beta reader a bully?
  4. What to do when your readers and reviewers discourage you from writing?
  5. Blunt truth: readers don’t respect authors anymore. We authors need to get our power back: here’s how to do it.


  1. Do you love yourself as a writer?
  2. 10 tips to keep your body in shape as a writer
  3. Friends won’t read my writing: what to do about it?
  4. My friend wrote a mediocre book. Should I give them 5 stars just because I like them?
  5. How to make a writer like you
  6. Why dealing with social anxiety is so important if you are an author
  7. What to do if you feel lonely as a writer?
  8. HALLOWEEN! Writers’ worst nightmares and other scary things about writing!
  9. Are you a workaholic writer?
  10. Should authors make New Year’s resolutions?
  11. How I fell in love with e-books after years of being a die-hard fan of paper copies
  12. The downsides of being a full time writer


  1. 6 simple tools which will accelerate your writing progress
  2. Should you translate your own books?
  3. Should you write in another language?
  4. Should you publish on a foreign market?
  5. How to measure writing progress?
  6. Commenting on EU copyright law: I’d rather have my copyrights respected than laugh at memes: what about you?
  7. 8 benefits of cleaning your writing folder and how to do it
  8. 7 martial arts lessons for writers
  9. Break your self-imposed limitations, not the writing principles
  10. How to revamp an old and horrible piece of writing into something useful?


  1. 10 root causes for writer’s block and lessons you must learn
  2. Priceless tip to overcome the fear of a blank page
  3. How to properly refuel your creativity, when original inspiration sources don’t work anymore and you have a novel to finish?
  4. A lesson from agriculture: why writing multiple things at once is a good idea.
  5. 4 big secrets to staying ALWAYS INSPIRED
  6. What to do if you hate reading
  7. How to write when you have nothing to say?
  8. How to write when everyday life leaves you exhausted?
  9. Writing after hiatus: how to get back on track?
  10. The cure for impostor’s syndrome
  11. 6 reasons why your book isn’t popular on social media and how to fix it
  12. 13 absurdities that frustrate every indie author
  13. How to cope when your friend writes better than you?
  14. 10 incredibly harmful pre-publishing myths that most newbie writers still believe
  15. Why is there so much secrecy among authors, especially successful ones?

Learning From Masters

  1. Review of “2k to 10k” by Rachel Aaron: is writing 10k words per day truly possible?
  2. NaNoWriMo: should all authors participate in it?
  3. Review of the „show not tell” writing rule
  4. Why you should stop freewriting right now
  5. Seasonal Stories!!! Yay Or Nay?
  6. 7 websites to use and 3 websites to avoid if you are an author
  7. The characteristics of “light” and “heavy” writing
  8. How to do express editing of your first draft?


  1. The phenomenon of the reincarnating character: when your characters are all the same.
  2. How to remove characters from plot (without killing them)

Free Online Marketing.jpg

  1. 20 actually free websites where you can promote your free e-book
  2. Is it a good idea to enroll your book in KDP Select?

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