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Writing from scratch.png

Are you looking for the basics? Here they are!

  1. [✧] Creating a character (part I): the basics, the looks and the personality
  2. [✧] Creating a character (part II): the influences, the likes, the future development
  3. [✧] How to construct a short story, a novella or a book?
  4. [✧] How to make the most out of reading if you are an author?
  5. [✧] What is it like to be an experienced writer, and how to level up fast?
  6. [✧] If writing is a chore, you are doing it wrong + “Ok, I’ve changed my genre, now what?!”

Know How.png

Want to know other writers’ know how? Check these articles.

  1. [✧] How to make your author voice more poetical and elegant?
  2. [✧] Are references to popular culture in your novel a good idea?
  3. [✧] How to know that your editor is doing a good job?
  4. [✧] How can Google Sheets make you write your books faster?
  5. [✧] Goodreads: how to make the most out it, if you are just starting
  6. [✧] How to write a book about a foreign country that you haven’t visited?


Ever wondered how to write complex stories with deep meaning? You are in the right place!

  1. [✧] How to (easily!) create a multi-dimensional hero?
  2. [✧] How to describe a character who suffered a trauma (and has ptsd)?
  3. [✧] How to describe characters with mental disorders?
  4. [✧] About writing dimensions: do you write in 2D or 5D?

Better Romance

Writing romance isn’t as easy as it seems! However, it doesn’t have to be hard either if you know how to tackle it!

  1. [✧] 120+ scents to make your characters even more attractive
  2. [✧] How to create and use symbols in a love story
  3. [✧] 111 reasons for internal and external conflict in romance
  4. [✧] Building romantic tension and coming up with reasons why your characters love each other.
  5. [✧] How to make your readers ‘ship’ your two (or more) characters?
  6. [✧] Writing credible relationships, or why your characters need emotional baggage?


Ever wondered what it feels like to be a God and create universes? You are in the right place!

  1. [✧] How to create credible countries and universes for your fantasy novel


The real question is not how to write a bestseller, but how to sell any well written book.

  1. [✧] Why is it so import to write in one specific genre?
  2. [✧] What is a subgenre monopoly, and why would you want one?
  3. [✧] Do your maths: is writing long books really worth it in the long run?
  4. [✧] Pros and cons of writing a long saga
  5. [✧] 6 fiction genres that have most target readers + examples of profitable niches
  6. [✧] What non-fiction book genres are likely to sell?
  7. [✧] How to contact book bloggers, and is it really worth your time?
  8. [✧] Getting free reviews (and subscribers) on Goodreads

Writing for living.png

It is possible to write for living. But you need to learn, how.

  1. [✧] Finding your writing persona aka “who are you as an author?”
  2. [✧] Why aren’t going anywhere without Twitter followers (and how to get them)?
  3. [✧] Becoming a full time author is not only for the “lucky ones”: it’s a decision everyone can make
  4. [✧] How to be a one person publishing house?
  5. [✧] How to get extra money as an author to invest in your books?
  6. [✧] Where to find free materials and tools to reduce costs of self-publishing and marketing?

Ink And Brush.png

Are you an author and an artist? Perfect! This category is for you.

  1. [✧] 20 marketing materials that you can create yourself to promote your book
  2. [✧] What are visual novels and why would you want to create one?
  3. [✧] How to create a visual novel without knowledge of programming?
  4. [✧] The power of fan service, fanart and fanfiction